out·li·er ( \- li(-e)r\ ) noun
1 : a statistical observation that is markedly different in value from the others of the sample
...are you ready?    
"The reputation of a thousand years can be determined by the actions of just one hour."

-Japanese Proverb
March 30, 2010

Warm Up
5 min Row

5 Rounds
4 Shoulder Press 135#
6 Push Press 135#
8 Front Squat 135#
6 Push Press 135#
4 Shoulder Press

Cash Out
100 Sit ups

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Technique of the Week
What is an Outlier?

An Outlier is someone who is significantly different than his or her peers.

An Outlier is someone who works towards:

  • Running a 6 minute mile
  • Deadlifting 2x their body weight
  • A vertical leap of 24 inches
  • Holding a handstand for 60 seconds
  • Running a 400M under 1min 20s
  • A broad jump of 8'
  • Learning a new sport

At Outlier Fitness we are going to take you out of your comfort zone. We are not going to support the current philosophies of health and fitness that have kept the big box gyms at full capacity and obesity and diabetes on the rise.

As an Outlier we are going to make you significantly different than your peers. You are going to be faster, stronger, healthier, and more in tune with your body than ever before. We will help you to define new limits, learn new sports, and accomplish new goals.

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